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Join one of my self-paced online courses, designed to support you on your liberating journey to freedom. 

Turn your passions into a prosperous, freedom-based, online business that fills you with purpose, abundance, and fulfillment every single day of the week.

This transformational course is designed exclusively for ambitious women who are ready to build a freedom-based online business that aligns with their gifts, passions, and values... gifting them the freedom to design the lifestyle they dream about and deserve.

It's time to begin breaking free from the demands of the corporate world to step into the realm of freedom-based entrepreneurship where the possibilities are limitless and freedom can be achieved right now. Join us to create your liberating life of passion and prosperity. 

Lifetime access to 7 self paced modules, 40 lessons, 1.7 hours of video that simplify the process of starting your own freedom-based online business, saving you time.

Exclusive access to our private community of like-minded, ambitious female entrepreneurs for support, networking, and collaboration.

Quarterly live group Q&A + coaching via Zoom

Become a Passionate and Prosperous 

A course for aspiring freedompreneurs

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The Freedom Frequency Academy



Lifetime access to 8 transformational modules, 76 bite-size lessons + over 2 hours of video

Quarterly live coaching + Q&A via zoom

This self-paced online course is for anyone who wants to conquer self-doubt, get unstuck, and begin manifesting a true-north-aligned life of passion, fulfillment, and freedom. 

This course is designed to support you on your spiritual growth + personal growth journey, as you pursue your higher potential and highest, most freeing vision for your life. In this online course, we liberate ourselves through energetic alignment techniques, manifestation practices, alchemy, energy healing, subconscious reprogramming, consciousness expansion, and mindset mastery practices.

My greatest intention for The Freedom Frequency Academy is to reignite your unwavering belief in yourself and your higher calling, so you can create the liberating life you truly desire within the deepest portal of your heart. 

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Exclusive access to our private community of like-minded visionaries who are on a similar personal growth journey 

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This course was magic and a beautiful container for digging deep, and uncovering those hidden subconscious beliefs that may be holding us back! Loved having your voice carry through and the journal sections were NOT to be missed. Every sentence had power, this course is jam-packed with golden nuggets that can help to expedite the path to one's highest destiny. Truly empowering and a reminder of our innate power. For me, being in a life transition moment, this was perfect timing, and a needed reminder to create our lives and never settle. Most of what was holding me back was my attachment to keeping the "matrix 9-5" for "security", and now that the chord has been cut, I do feel more energy to pursue my dreams. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Highly recommend. 

Jess R, Boston

This course was *exactly* what I needed to really understand how I was holding myself back in my own life, so I could finally get unstuck and feel inspired again. During this course, I had so many aha moments around my higher potential and what I truly desire and deserve in life. I am now so much more motivated to start creating my life of passion and freedom. I am very grateful for Laura's guidance. 

Zoey, NYC

Before this course, I was limiting myself in so many ways while navigating so much self-doubt and fear around pursuing the life of freedom that I dream about. This course came to me in divine timing and helped me tune in deeply, release so many limiting beliefs and fears, and begin feeling SO much more confident in my life path and potential. Thanks to this course I am making big leaps in my life and already feel SO much more free and aligned. 

Leah, Dallas tX

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