I am Laura Jane, a passionate mama freedompreneur, paradigm shifter, and freedom + alignment coach. 

My mission is to lead as many people as I can towards a deeply fulfilling life of freedom. I am here to remind you of your power to break free from your perceived blocks and limitations to pursue the life you truly desire - the life aligned with your higher calling  and true north — the life that leads you to a liberating life of purpose, passion, and freedom.

a glimpse into my journey.

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    We can only guide others through the trenches we have conquered & the mountain tops we now stand upon...

    My story is a reflection of yours.

    I have been where you are, and probably just a few years ago. We can only guide and teach others through our own real-life experiences ~ through the challenges, obstacles, voids, & spiritual lessons that we have navigated, alchemized, transmuted, and transcended

    Our story is our medicine.

    Our real-life experience is our truth.

    Our intuition ~ our higher consciousness is our knowing.

    Our heart is our compass.

    Within our scars, holds our wisdom. 
    I am also just like you, a spirit living a human experience. I am not a self-proclaimed "guru" and I don't have all the answers ~ my consciousness is expanding daily. I guide you to go within, expand your perception, & reactivate your inner-power & self-trust as you release what no longer serves you & recalibrate your energy to align with your highest visions. 

    I never believed in spiritual awakenings until my own awakening happened to me. I actually used to believe "awakenings" were just "woowoo-airyfairy" talk (wow, did the Universe prove me wrong hah). It began with a crumbling & a tumbling that forced me to open my eyes, take off the filters, & "see" my life & the world around me clearly. The heavy matrix programming, societal conditioning, inherited fears, & limiting beliefs — blocking my alignment with my true nature & inner power — became known.  

    After a decade of hustling in sales chasing quotas, I finally allowed myself to accept that I was completely unfulfilled & depleted. I knew this wasn't what I was born on Earth to do. I felt like a zombie robot - I made good money, but for a steep price because I had absolutely no freedom of my own time nor energy. I spent all my energy doing soulless "work" I didn't care about, chasing promotions & fancy titles, fitting myself into the mold of success, & conforming to the status quo (the same-same hamster wheel).

    My spiritual awakening began in 2018 while I was working at Google...

    I was constantly daydreaming of a totally different higher-vibrational reality while zombie-staring into my computer screen every day. I started to "feel" the costume I was wearing to gain "validation" & be seen as "successful" in the way I was conditioned to believe success should look on the outside. I was suppressing my true voice and authentic self in exchange for approval.

    I could finally “see” and "feel" all the ways in which I was not truly free. I was living in a mainstream cage, following the limited path of “supposed-to-do-and-be’s”.

    It also finally hit me that "Sunday scaries" & "The Monday blues" are NOT normal & we shouldn't be embracing this type of lifestyle ~ we are the cycle breakers & paradigm shifters, here to show others another way. 

    My higher self was telling me to leave my decade-long career that was suppressing my soul to pursue freedom, adventure, & authentic self expression … so I tuned-in & leaned in, in trust.

    The call turned from a whisper to a nudge, to a deep yearning, to a strong gravitation. I was being pulled away from my old paradigm and towards a new way of living and BE~ing.

    The Universe was working in my favor by helping me remove all that was no longer aligned with my higher calling from my reality. Things were shakin' up and it was so freakin' intense. 

    My reality felt like it was turning upside down, when it was actually turning right side up. I knew it was time to stop suppressing my true self & desires and start consciously creating the life that aligned with my highest visions and greatest potential

    It was time to let it all crumble to REBUILD. It was time to free myself.

    I gained the courage to honor my heart & soul's guidance & took the leap of faith by leaving Google and booking a one-way flight to travel the world with my husband. I craved an exploration where I could unveil the unseen and embrace the unknown. I could feel my spirit flowing away from the matrix and into a new paradigm of soul expansion and freedom.

    I was inspired to create for myself again. I started writing and created a passion blog. I learned new skills & modalities like entrepreneurship, website building, quantum energetics, energy healing, alchemy, astrology, NLP,  tapping, & human design. I peeled the layers back and began to deeply heal my limiting beliefs, fears, disempowering stories, mainstream programming, & societal conditioning that had been keeping me stuck in misalignment. I immersed myself in podcasts, books, & courses that helped me expand my consciousness & rotate my perspective. I took off my costume & embodied my authentic soul-self. I became vulnerable to life.

    And now I have created *this* soul-aligned business where I am now guiding as many people as I can back to TRUE-NORTH-ALIGNED FREEDOM. I guide you back to your authentic self so you can expand towards your soul-freeing potential & share your unique energetic imprint with the world. 

    I finally answered the "call" that I could no longer ignore...

    work with me

    I see between worlds and I help you "see" too, so you can travel beyond the limiting paradigm you are still anchored in... and start living in the soul-freeing paradigm you belong in. 

    This is the in-between — the space between where you are and where you are called to be — between who you were, and who you are becoming, and this is where I meet you


    Numerology Life Path

    5 - The Free Spirit

    Sun /  Rising

    Pisces Sun Magical Realist & a Gemini Rising Word-Magician

    Human design energy

    Manifesting Generator 6/3 Solar + Emotional Alchemist 


    Certified Coach
    Quantum Human Design
    Reiki Master Energy Healing
    Emotional Freedom Technique
    4 years of entrepreurship
    *My LIFE experience*

    I dare to dream of a better world where we are all authentically expressing our unique gifts and empowering one another ( instead of disempowering one another), and rising up together to higher levels of consciousness and freedom.

    my greatest accomplishment

    Creating & birthing my son, Atlas Sol, & being his mama.

    Color of my Aura


    My True north

    Paradigm Shifter,Wayshower, Visionary, Dreamy Idealist, Freedompreneur... guiding others back to true freedom. 

    My greatest dream

    I am living it! Living freely with my husband & son, being a mama, while exploring the world, teaching my wisdom, sharing my heart, & working with dream clients.

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