Tune into your highest self, align with your true north, & create a radically aligned life of freedom.

I am here to guide you through the "in-between" — the void between where you are and where you're called to be, towards your higher calling, where you are meant to be free & thrive. 

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I am Laura, here to guide you through the "in-between" toward radical alignment & true freedom.

You are here on Earth for SO much more than you have been programmed to believe ~ you already know it in your heart ~ you're tuning into the call. 

You're not here to be anchored to the mainstream cage of "supposed-to-do's". You're here to live a life aligned with your true north & authentic energy... your “born-to-do”. I help you reactivate your inner-power & self-trust as you lift the anchors & recalibrate your energy to align with your greatest visions. When you live in alignment with your higher calling you experience true freedom & expansion, which is your birthright.

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During my mentorship with Laura, I had the largest financial milestone in my business and I have no doubt that I was able to achieve this because of the energy work and alignment coaching that Laura and I were doing. Laura’s approach allowed me to locate my own answers from within and cultivate a deeper level of self-trust. She is such a beautiful soul who made me feel seen, heard, and recognized. Our time together will always hold a special place in my heart and I look forward to continuing my journey with her again in the near future. Thank you, Laura!

Kendra Woods, Human Design Coach

I started working with Laura when I was going through a major life transformation. I knew it was time to leave my depleting job of 13 years to pursue my soul calling & focus on my greatest passions and desires. I knew I needed support so I set the intention to hire a mentor, & that's when I found Laura through an article she had written online - her words & energy resonated with me SO deeply. I hired her and quit my job the next week to pursue my dream of becoming an author and a helping people through natural plant medicine. Laura was beyond instrumental to my confidence in making the leap. She made me feel SO seen, so supported, & so powerful. The shifts I experienced while working with her were just incredible. She holds so much compassion. She can "see" who you truly are on a soul level & I felt so safe being my true self in front of her. I am so grateful for our time together.

Lindsay T - washington

Working with Laura has been effortless. From the moment I got in touch with her, everything has flowed effortlessly in alignment. Laura has a way of gently bringing in a sense of doing things in alignment- that’s the biggest lesson I learnt from my sessions with her. She always keeps an open mind and heart which helps with tuning into your energy. She takes a lot of time with you before, during and after each session which is so beneficial. These sessions were so powerful! Laura helped me get into my flow & conserve and nourish my energy! 

Mimi P ~ NYC

I stumbled upon Laura’s world from an article she published about alignment & after reading her words I just loved her energy. I was looking for a coach who was heart-centered, knew about Human Design & who could help me master my energetic alignment. I knew that I was at the edge of moving to my next level in business & it was important for me to have Laura’s support so that I could make sure my energy was aligned with where I desired to go. Laura really helped me get clear on what alignment looked like for me. She helped me focus my intention and my energy through several energy sessions. During our work together I released so much conditioning around the idea of work & I aligned deeper to my energetic design as a Projector by shifting to 3 day work weeks and allowing more spaciousness, rest, and play into my life. 

Kendra Woods (part 2)

My sessions with Laura have been extremely transformational. She has such a compassionate, loving, beautiful energy — I really trust opening up to her. I was able to tell her things that I just never felt comfortable telling therapists or other healers/coaches – as she has such emotional openness - and it was exactly those things that I needed to confront and set free with Laura’s gentle support. I always feel so much lighter after my sessions with Laura. I wake up with an abundance of newfound energy and a strong sense of connectedness to my higher self & visions. I have so much gratitude for her love and guidance during my healing & awakening journey.

Sara M ~ holistic Health coach

My sessions with Laura opened my eyes to my life and gave me a brand new perspective. She majorly helped me open my creative flow again. She is intuitive, uplifting and has a beautiful energy that brings about true change in our sessions. Laura helped me feel a lot more aware and aligned with myself.

Thank you so much, Lo!

Mimixa P 

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