Your higher calling — your true north — your mission on Earth — is not a “job”…

It’s not what you “do” on paper to fit into mainstream society nor what you do to prove your worth. 

Your higher calling is what you can’t stop envisioning, thinking, and dreaming about.

It’s your true embodiment — your deepest passion — your spark; it’s what you live for, what you stand for, and what you cherish.

Your higher calling is your higher service to the world, your devotion, your radiance, your most authentic heartfelt expression, the values you hold most dear to your heart, your motivation, your perseverance, your joy, your obsession, your distraction.

Your higher calling is what lights you up but can also trigger the f*ck out of you (law of polarity — contrast gives rise to clarity).

Your higher calling lives within your heart. Your heart is your compass, always gravitating you towards your true north through a deep, magnetic connection.

Your higher calling will keep calling you because it is you — the *real* you, the higher-self YOU — intertwined within the essence of your Soul, written within the stars of your blueprint, flowing through your BE-ing, oscillating within every cell of your body.

Your higher calling is your higher consciousness, intuitively guiding you the way toward your most elevated, radically aligned life.

We are here to break the cycle of suppressing our higher calling.

No more settling, conforming, hiding, wishing, resisting, fearing, nor contemplating.

We are shifting away from “always-dreaming-of-more” into powerful, aligned-AF conscious co-creators.

We are here to live, breath, and embody our higher calling — to heal, align with our dharma, follow our joy, share our unique gifts, be authentically ourselves, be free, and elevate the world.

Our higher calling is why we are here on Earth.

Following our higher calling enables us to guide ourselves and humanity toward a higher, soul-liberating paradigm. We create a ripple effect.

We are the Lightleaders lighting the way forward, supporting our collective ascension into higher states of consciousness — toward sovereignty and unconditional freedom.

Tune in, surrender, and answer the call.

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