The multidimensional secrets of the Universe have been kept from us for centuries, carefully hidden through programming our minds with false manmade stories, inverted realities, half truths, quarter truths, & blatant lies.

It all starts when we’re young kids.

We don’t learn universal truths in the current school “system”. This “system” is a critical part of the 3D matrix, used to condition and program us from a very young age. 

Starting in grade school, our higher consciousness is hijacked as we are told what to believe about the world we live in. We are forced to absorb third dimensional “textbook” thinking even though we live in an energetic, multi-dimensional universe.

We are conditioned to read, study, rehearse, memorize, take a test, repeat, engrain. This programming forms a safety net around our inverted 3D reality —  it becomes what we know.

I remember asking so many questions about what I was being taught, layer by layer, deeper and deeper. Many teachings just didn’t align with what I felt and remembered within my heart & soul to be true.

I knew there was SO much “more” we weren’t being shown. I intuitively felt like there was way more “out there”. Yet, many times I was told my imagination was just running wild.

Ancient history lessons never made sense to me. We are taught that our ancient ancestors hand-built glorious grandiose palaces, pyramids, archs, cathedrals, and domes, all divinely symmetrical, before there was even horse and carriage, and well before the pre industrial revolution. 

Our wise souls know this is total bullsh*t, yet our sponge-like minds latch onto the programming broadcasted by authority figures, and these programs become the truth that we hold onto for dear life.

Our great, great, great ancestors adopted the same programming that we do, hence these teachings are passed down from generations, and become unquestionable group think. Teachers are teaching what they are taught to teach, and what their teachers were taught to teach them. We’re all heavily indoctrinated within the matrix. The higher the degree = the more indoctrinated and programmed one becomes to trust the system, trust the textbooks, trust the authorities, and embrace the path of soul-enslavement.

Hence, the cognitive dissonance we are witnessing right now among those who are not yet awake to the matrix during this Great Awakening. Cognitive dissonance is when the ego defends & fuels familiar beliefs built on lies to feel “safe”, while dismissing new information that reveals higher truth. Our egos just can’t believe we have been fooled for so long, so it feels safer to keep fueling the lie than facing the truth.

It’s really scary to unplug from our false beliefs. The shocking truth can terrify our minds.

The truth of free energy and our original blueprint has been buried for a very long time. Free energy and the world of ley lines, frequency, vibration, grids, plasma – the technology that ancient civilizations truly used and has been hijacked from us – is hidden from us very intentionally to keep us hooked up to the system; a system that is fueled by our own precious energy.

We aren’t taught the truth about our powerful electromagnetic nature, nor the electromagnetic nature of our Universe. We aren’t taught about our true, innate powers as conscious creators.

Instead, we are stripped of our energetic nature and spiritual connection to higher consciousness, realms, and dimensions. We are groomed for our lifelong journey deeper into the indoctrinated 3D matrix of “earn good grades, be obedient, get into a good college, secure a stable “job”, grind 9-5 everyday, pay your debt/dues, be dependent on authority + systems + gov + corp, give away your precious energy to soulless “work”, serve your time, and dream of your freedom at retirement”.

We are conditioned to strive to be the best and brightest, the most successful, the wealthiest, the most virtuous, etc. We begin to live in an ego-driven, materialistic, competitive, indoctrinated, tuned-out, inauthentic world, immersed in illusions. A world that defends beliefs built on lies instead of a world that tunes-in, digs deep, zooms out, and searches for truth beyond the veil.

Our soulful intuitive gifts get suppressed as we are urged to energetically shift away from our divinity, and instead, towards ego-driven “intellect” and manmade rules + constructs. We are kept in a cage of enslavement, disempowered and dependent on the system, fueling the matrix which only exists through siphoning our collective energy.

We are programmed to believe we are free, when we are not free at all.

And then, by the grace of God, we finally awaken.

Through our own sacred, divine experience, Source shows us the terrifying yet liberating truth. I use the word “grace” because awakening is a gift that leads us to true soul freedom on Earth. Yet often times, the gift of soul freedom requires us to first journey through a dark night of the soul where we travel through a dark, isolating, uncomfortable void: the cocoon of our metamorphosis.

Without the darkness, there is no light — we live in a world of polarity. Contrast gives rise to clarity.

When we awaken, we attune to the world of energy, shift into higher dimensions, and expand into higher levels of consciousness. We begin to “see” the reality of the matrix we live in. We wake up from our deep slumber that was induced by heavy matrix programming.

Our Soul remembers. Our heart already knew the truth deep within, we just weren’t tuned-in before. We were tuned-out, hooked up to thousands of disempowering manmade constructs.

Our intuitive gifts turn all the way back on. We shift from the 3D world into the multi-dimensional world of energy/frequency/vibration. We are immersed in synchronicities, omens, universal messages, and visions.

Our world feels like it’s turning upside down, when it’s actually turning right side up. All that used to be known as true, is now known has false. 

All that we questioned throughout our lives that didn’t add up nor ring true in our heart, resurfaces to be seen clearly from a higher consciousness.

As we expand our consciousness and courageously shatter our comfy false beliefs, decondition, heal, and deprogram our mind from the matrix, Source shows us even more and more truth. More is revealed to us as we are energetically ready to ascend even higher.

The more aware we are — the more we choose highest knowing above all else — and the more tuned-in we are to our heart and soul — the more immune we are to mind control, consciousness hijacking, and dangerous group think.

When we choose to align with our highest consciousness, we are shown our divine truth in our dreams, visions, meditations, prayer, and through nature’s wisdom.

We are sent resources and people who bring us universal information that sends energetic chills through our bodies, which is our soul speaking to us, telling us,“this is highest truth ~ tune-in”.

Many of us travel to the astral and other dimensions where we experience our infinite multi-dimensionality. We experience a shift into 4D, and even sometimes 5D consciousness. We see events and energies that go unseen in the third dimensional reality.

We become bullshit detectors. We can tune-into the energies and frequencies around us; the lies and inauthenticity feel dense, heavy, gross, and potent.

When we watch mainstream media, we feel like we’re watching a sh*tty scripted movie. We feel the low frequency density, we recognize the intense manipulation, consciousness hijacking, brainwashing, fear mongering, and mind control. We see psyops happening everywhere.

We are shown that we live in a universe of good and evil, and that we are in a spiritual war on consciousness, The Great Awakening vs The Great Reset. We can decipher dark energy vs light energy. Our souls show us — the dark forces are revealed and exposed.

Now, the world is collectively awakening. Millions are seeing past the veils, lies, facades, and illusions. The matrix is glitching. The truth is revealing itself, & the forces-at-be can no longer hide behind disguised heroes capes.

We are taking our power, energy, and freedom back. We are pursuing highest truth and sovereignty. We our returning to our original blueprint, under God. Our true ancient history and our infinite wisdom, will be reclaimed.

I have visions of building a New Earth School detached from the matrix systems. In this school, our beautiful children will be totally immersed in their curiosity, imagination, intuitive wisdom, higher consciousness, multidimensionality, energetic nature, and highest visions. It is here they will know the highest truth of our infinite divine existence.

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