Ever since I can remember, I craved freedom.

Not the freedom you feel during long 3-day weekends nor annual 2-week vacations. Not the illusory freedom we recite in “land of the free”. Not the freedom you “earn”  at 65 years old after serving 40+ years of your time through the “I’ve-finally-paid-my-dues” so-called “security” system. 

That’s not freedom. That’s a conditional reward program for “good” matrix behavior. 

I’m talking about true freedom in its’ purest purity. The freedom I know to be truly ours, unconditionally. Freedom that lives within the multi-dimensional weavings of our soul. Freedom that flows through the blood in our veins. Freedom that oscillates within the atoms of our cells. Freedom that perpetuates from our electromagnetic heart. 

Freedom of time, of space, of energy, of our infinite existence. Freedom to dance to our own rhythm. Freedom to flow to our own unique melody. Freedom to align with our truest nature and most authentic expression.

Freedom to unleash our spirit & be courageously wild and so f*kn free. Freedom to explore the vast unknown and journey into the unseen; freedom to expand; to shift; to build; to imagine; to create; to bring our highest visions into this earthly realm without resistance.

Freedom to embody our purest, most authentic, soul-freeing, empowering-AF, radical alignment. Free from self-doubt, free from caring about what others think, and free from measuring our self-worth through on-paper performance.

Our organic blueprint has been woven with golden threads of freedom. We have been gifted with divine free-will.

We are innately FREE.

Our freedom lives within us, not outside of us like we have been programmed to believe. Our freedom is not something to be granted through self-proclaimed “authority”, nor is freedom something that we earn through doing as we’re told and earning a virtue star.

The cages, boxes, golden handcuffs, limitations, rules, “supposed-to-do’s” — it’s all just a gigantic manmade illusion composed of ego-targeted, fear-based, mind control matrix programs. When you’re fueling the systems of the matrix, you are programmed to believe you’re free as long as you “play your part and pay your dues”. Yet, you’re not free at all because freedom is not conditional. When you treat freedom as something to be granted, you’re actually enslaved.

We are free to be free, unconditionally. Freedom is our birthright. 

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