Facing Reality

My fixation on this image of success didn’t align with my reality. I realized within one week of starting the job that I signed up to be a minion.

This job sucked the life out of me. I dreaded the week while living for the weekends. Sunday Scaries haunted me and caused soul-crushing anxiety.

Listen to Your Intuition

I wanted to quit every day, but all the influential voices told me, “you need to give a job at least two years,” “you can’t give up,” “you’re lucky you have a job,” “toughen up,” “this is the real world,” “no one enjoys work, a job is a job,” “you have to earn your stripes,” and “jobs aren’t meant to be passion-filled.”

You don’t need to accept a job that makes you feel like a depressed robot.

Find Work That Aligns With Who You Are

Fast forward to a new me. I’m 25 years old, and I landed my “dream job” at Google.

We’re Not Here to Be Dreading Our Week — We’re Here to Create Joyfully

We’re not robots. The universe didn’t create humans to work robotically, doing busy work we resent. We’re all here to create. We’re here to spread joy, inspire, and make a bigger impact on others and the world. We’re here to move mountains and prove anything is possible.

Photo by Eric Ward/Unsplash

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