Fear is like a swift chameleon that roams our minds; it can mutate into many different forms, and will quickly camouflage according to our environments.

The fears that keep you stuck belong to the ego — these are the ones that hold you back from feeling the most alive.

Unveiling Ego Fears

Ego fears include the fear of failure; of judgment; of rejection; of leaving a comfort bubble; of independence; of change; of truth; of loss; of embarrassment; of letting someone down; or the fear of getting your heartbroken.

So, where do these ego-fears come from?

There is a natural evolution of fear as we evolve as humans. When we are young kids, we are fearless until proven otherwise. We live by our impulses and we don’t really care what people think about us.

To reach our alignment, we need to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. We need to be fearless.

“Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And that no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams…” ~ Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

As humans, we are here to constantly learn and up-level to reach the highest version of ourselves. When we don’t overcome the stuckness of our egos, we will remain stuck and the anchor will become even heavier with the weight of regret.

How Can You Start Becoming “Unstuck”?

A self-help listicle isn’t always meaningful, but in this case, these simple steps can begin to lift the anchor.

First, stop overthinking.

When you overthink or obsess about the worst thing that can happen, you are torturing yourself. Instead, start imagining the best thing that can happen. Envision yourself in that best-case scenario, and feel the feelings you know you will embody when you get there — like it’s already happened. The best-case vibrations will start to break through, just like the ocean waves.

Trust yourself and your own intuition.

When you get a gut feeling, act on it. When you hear guidance in your head, follow instructions. Tune out all the opinions and beliefs that don’t belong to you, especially the ones coming from your scared ego.

Tilt your head and rotate your perspective.

Explore new places and open yourself up to new people and foreign ideas. Oftentimes, a change of environment and a soulful conversation with a stranger can move mountains.

Let go of limiting beliefs and everything you have been told you cannot do.

You truly have limitless potential, but only if you actually believe it. Think about your personal heroes who have proved to the world that anything is possible. You can do the same, or even more.

Look for universal synchronicities and omens to guide your way.

Pay attention to the signs. These signs can come through as a seemingly coincidental pattern of events, repetitive numbers consistently appearing while you are thinking about something specific, or receiving words from a complete stranger who might be a universal messenger.

Stop seeking validation from everyone else.

You are the captain of your own ship, so don’t let anyone else hold the compass.

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