Freedom is a frequency.

Freedom is a frequency that you activate within yourself. Freedom isn’t something you have to “seek”, “gain”, nor “earn” outside of yourself. Freedom lives within you, unconditionally… it’s your birthright.

Freedom is a frequency that requires you to deeply heal and un-become everything you are not to embody who you truly are.

To be free is to deeply heal the deep societal conditioning and programming keeping you anchored in a very restrictive, outdated, misaligned paradigm.

Freedom asks you to heal your past wounds, your disempowering stories, and your limiting beliefs that are holding you hostage, so you can pursue your infinite potential.

Freedom asks you to heal your ego fears — those heavy fears holding you back from your desires and dreams — your fear of judgment, fear of ridicule, fear of abandonment, fear of disappointment, fear of losing “what was”, fear of failure, fear of vulnerability, and fear of all that you know you can accomplish because it feels too “big”, too “much”, or “too good to be true”.

To be free is when you no longer pretend to be someone you are not. You no longer put up facades and you no longer wear costumes to fit a mold. When you are free, you don’t strive to “fit-in” and you no longer conform. You shed the layers of the “not-self” and stop playing pretend in exchange for total authenticity.

To be free is to freely be your most unconditioned, unfiltered, uncensored self — to share your authentic energetic imprint — your pure embodiment — your authentic expression – your unique voice — with the world. You choose to be seen.

You are free when you stop making decisions with the incentive to receive external approval or validation. You don’t need applause from your parents. You don’t need applause from people you were friends with ten years ago. You don’t care about chasing job titles that look good on Linkedin just for “recognition” and praise.

You are free when you make decisions that are radically aligned within your heart and soul and you inwardly self-approve and self-validate. You are free when the only one who gets to validate you, is You.

To be free is to stop caring about what others think of you or how they perceive you. You can’t control how they perceive you and you will never know how they truly perceive you, so you simply let it go. You are free when you prioritize how you perceive yourself, and you see yourself in the highest light.

To be free is to finally stop settling. You no longer settle for so-so jobs, so-so cities, so-so relationships, and you stop making so-so life decisions just to earn checkmarks, gold stars, applause, and so-called “security”. You decide to break the cycle of settling. You’re a cycle breaker.

To be free is to stop settling for the mainstream path that most people around you are following… the path of least resistance, the path of familiarity, that path that looks good on paper, the path you were groomed for in school, the one-size-fits-all path, the path we are all expected to take, the path that you were told is the most so-called “stable and secure”, & the path that feels the safest because it is accepted by the majority.

You are free when you are a trailblazer — a wayshower a paradigm shifter — and you courageously carve your own path towards your true north — your higher calling. Your true north is your highest embodiment and lives within your heart, where it creates a magnetic pull, gravitating you towards your greatest passions, values, purpose, and desires. This calling will keep calling you because it is you the true you – and it’s waiting for you to follow the call in every moment of every day. 

To be free is to stop holding yourself hostage. You no longer handcuff yourself to jobs, people, places, or things that don’t serve your highest good and infinite potential. You don’t wear golden handcuffs. You create boundaries to protect your life force energy. You free yourself from “obligations” that don’t feel good and “should-do’s” that don’t resonate with you. You stop following “rules” that you just want to break (because these rules just end up breaking you).

You are free when you break free from the cage of conformity and the realm of “supposed-to-do’s” and “should-be’s”. You don’t follow the crowd, you don’t feel pressured to do anything that isn’t in alignment with your heart & soul, and you always follow the guidance of your intuition — your inner compass — not the illusory rulebook.

You are free when you don’t have this lingering anxiety of something you “should be” doing, “have to be” doing, or are “supposed to be doing”. You are free when you are in the space of “holy sh*t, I GET TO DO THIS… and I choose this; over and over again, I choose this, because this is my greatest dream coming true”.

To be free is to stop self sabotaging yourself with excuses of why you can’t have what you want. You are free when you know you can have anything you desire as long as you believe you can… so you steer your focus, energy, faith, and perseverance towards all those things that light you UP. 

To be free is to live with deep purpose and intention instead of monotonously waking up everyday, repeating the same old patterns and habits, and cycling through the same depleting hamster wheels over and over again. 

To be free is to freely choose any limitless direction that you want to take towards your greatest dreams and adventures, at any given moment in time. You are free to change your mind whenever you want because you are constantly shifting and evolving. Your visions are fluid and not set in stone. You have no self-induced restrictions or excuses holding you back.

You are free when you stop pretending to be happy, or convincing yourself that you’re happy. Instead, you choose to admit to yourself that you are not, and you tune-in, heal, make changes, shift, and create a lifestyle that truly brings you pure, deep, undeniable joy. Happiness lives within our heart and soul, not our mind.

Freedom is found when we stop lying to ourselves about what we really, truly, deeply want within the deepest portal of our heart. So ask yourself, what do you truly want? What do you truly want versus what are you convincing yourself that you want? What have you been conditioned to believe you should want? When you get crystal clear about your true heart-aligned desires, and recalibrate your energy to align with those things, you hold a key to freedom. 

You are free when you actually create the life you truly want instead of just dreaming about it — you take aligned action and you create as a creator — this creation brings you a feeling of deep purpose, f*k yes energy, & soul expansion. 

To be free is to stop living and working for someone else’s dream, and to start living and working for your own.

To be free is to immerse yourself in your greatest visions without hesitation nor second guessing yourself. You are free from self-doubt and stories of unworthiness. You are free from the self-limiting beliefs of “it’s not realistic”, “people would judge me”, “I might fail”, or “I don’t have enough time”.

Freedom is found when you no longer tell yourself disempowering stories about your self-worth, your potential, nor your gifts and abilities. You are confident and have unwavering self-trust, self-love, self-compassion, and total belief in yourself and your visions.

You are free when you stop attaching your self worth to the material world. You no longer measure your self-worth through on-paper performance. You stop letting external forces tell you what you’re worth. You stop allowing the past to determine your worth. You feel totally and completely worthy in your heart, always, no matter what. You know your worth, no matter what the circumstance. That is freedom. 

To be free is to honor and feel your emotions – energy-in-motion – and to use your emotions as a compass, instead of ignoring, shaming, or suppressing them. We live in a universe of polarity – we ebb, flow, contract, expand. We have ups, downs, highs, and lows. You ride the waves and use the flow of emotions as motivational energy because you know that contrast gives rise to clarity. This is part of our multidimensional humanness.

You are free when you know how to turn your breakdowns into breakthroughs, your pain into power, your fear into medicine, your triggers into teachers, and your challenges into initiations towards your evolution.

To be free is to stop relying on outside “leaders” or  “gurus” to show you the way. Instead, you embody total self-leadership. You are tuned into your intuition, you follow your higher wisdom, and you use your inner guru as your guide – you are the only one who knows the way that is meant for you.

Freedom is when you realize as within, so without. You know that your inner conception of yourself, your chosen beliefs, your assumptions, and your chosen perception of the world create experiences, opportunities, and events in your life – in energetic resonance. So, you consciously choose empowering, love-based beliefs about yourself and your potential instead of disempowering, fear-based beliefs. You know your world is an energetic projection of your consciousness, and you know that you are the captain of your ship, the author of your story, and the co-creator of your reality. You get to choose every second of the day how you want your life to feel and look.

To be free is to know you have freedom to choose the frequency you live on in every moment of every day.

Freedom looks different for everyone, but feels the same.

Freedom is heart-opening.

You can feel the frequency of freedom oscillating within your heart space — the energy is expansive, light, spacious, and deeply nourishing. 

When you’re truly free, you feel like you can breathe the world in deeply and take up unlimited space. You have total freedom of your time, space, and your energy. You freely choose what you get to do on a Monday. You no longer experience the Sunday scaries nor Monday blues. You can travel wherever you want, whenever you want. You can live wherever you choose in the world — in any destination that calls your name.

So what does this freedom look like when it comes to following your true north? This is up to you…

Your heart is always leading you the way towards your unique path to freedom. It’s your mind and unhealed nervous system that holds onto the “safety”, acceptance, and comfort of the old restrictive ways of being. Your heart can lift the anchors — tune into your heart.

Freedom might be living on an off-grid homestead ranch raising a big family, surrounded my horses, growing your own food, in total peace.

Freedom might be to become a digital nomad and travel all over the world, with no one place anchoring you down; your freedom is found by not being tied down to land. Freedom to you is to be able to pack up, adventure, and explore wherever and whenever you freely choose.

Freedom may be moving to Bali or Costa Rica, running a creative online business, and immersing yourself in surfing and yoga everyday. Maybe freedom is found through teaching yoga abroad and hosting transformational health and wellness retreats.

Freedom might be to become an author and spend time writing in your beautiful at-home office in your favorite city in the world, writing during your most inspired hours. Or, maybe you write books while traveling the world from little street cafes — turning your words into medicine, using the world as inspiration.

Freedom may be cooking and creating new recipes every day as an online food blogger, or opening a restaurant and following your dream of being a world-renowned chef.

Freedom might be following your love for plant medicine and nutrition and starting your own private holistic healing or nutrition coaching practice where you help others heal their bodies.

Freedom may be to spend your days creating a new technology or product that you know will change the world – it’s your obsession – your vision – your higher calling.

There are infinite paths we can take — we are limitless.

To be free is to follow your heart and act on your daydreams. Freedom is found when you bring your visions, dreams, and ideas into reality through burning desire and unwavering belief in yourself.

To be free is a lifelong journey of healing, devotion and self-love. To begin this journey to freedom, is a choice of free-will. We are free to choose the path we take, in any given moment in time. The choice is always yours.

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