I started a podcast! This is something that has been calling me for a few years now, and I finally conquered my fear and answered the call. It feels SO liberating to be aligning with my mission and sharing my authentic voice with the world through this podcast.

Officially introducing, To Be Free… a podcast that illuminates the pathway to true freedom.


Most of us have been conditioned to follow a mainstream life path that is accepted by the majority. We find ourselves in the restrictive realm of “supposed to do’s” instead of the expansive realm of “born to do”. We dim down our light, put up facades, and hide the truth of who we are in exchange for approval and validation. Over time, we may find ourselves floating between worlds, in the “in-between” — the space between where you are and where you are called to be — the void between who you were and who you are becoming.

It is in this void where you awaken to the realization that you aren’t truly free… you feel anchored down.

TO BE FREE meets you in the “in-between” and empowers you to lift the anchors so you can be truly free. TO BE FREE inspires you to embody who you truly are — your most authentic, unfiltered self — and to create the life you truly desire to live, in radical alignment with your true north and higher visions.

Through real talk, solocasts and interviews that bring revelations and a-ha moments, your host Laura Jane Haver — a former corporate bigtech sales exec turned passionate freedompreneur — will remind you of your power to create a life of deep purpose, f*ck yes energy, and FREEDOM. Let’s evolve into a new paradigm together.

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