Tune into Episode 3 of the To Be Free Podcast where I talk about what it means to follow your higher calling.

We each have a higher calling that calls us at some point in our life… and it’s up to us to answer it. It’s up to us to choose evolution over comfort.

I share more about what a higher calling is, how it shows up in our life, why we’re meant to answer it, and how it leads us back to our TRUE NORTH and true, heart + soul aligned freedom.

For anyone who hears the call and is looking for support on your journey as you answer the call and redesign your life, my private 1:1 mentorship program is open. I am here to guide you and hold a light for you.


Podcast Show Notes:

So today let’s talk higher callings…

If you asked me 6 years ago if I believed in a higher calling, I would have said absolutely not. It just sounded and felt a bit too woowoo out there for me back then. But honestly, in hindsight I probably just chose to label it as woowoo because I just couldn’t grasp it. I was so far disconnected from it; I was very tuned out, hyper consumed by my external world, not at all tuning into my inner world, so I just couldn’t hear it.

I was suppressing my higher calling. I was tuning it out.

But then in 2018, I started awakening to all the ways I didnt’ feel free. I yearned for a totally different reality. I felt a deep pull to create a different life that would feel more expansive, fulfilling, and freeing. A life that aligned with what I reall, truly desired in my life. A life that aligned with my higher visions… which was traveling the world, living abroad, and creating my own radically aligned business.

So I began tuning inwards, and I could hear and feel the call to make moves. There was something deep within me, calling me and pulling me forward. It was a deep deep feeling and also a subtle voice streaming through my consciousness. It felt very cosmic, and it was guiding me to leave my corporate comfort bubble and take the leap towards my heart’s desires — towards my higher visions and greatest dreams — towards my heart and soul aligned freedom.


This higher calling was my higher self — my soul — guiding me to keep evolving. Our higher self is always guiding us towards our evolution. Our higher self communicates to us through our yearnings, desires, through our higher visions, through our ideas, and through our dreams. This all sparks the motivation within us to make those big changes, manifest what we desire, and evolve.

We are here to evolve, collectively and individually. But, so many of us have been so conditioned to settle— to settle for less than our potential, to settle for the status quo, for a paycheck, for so-called illusory security, for an image, or for comfort — but settling is not what we are here on Earth to do… we’re here to EVOLVE.

Let me ask you this… has the world or your own life ever changed through settling for your current situation? Through settling for comfort? Through settling for a so-so-same-same reality? No… it hasn’t. Change only happens through a deep yearning for expansion, improvement, and growth. Change happens through a higher calling. This higher calling is a higher aspiration that is fueled by desire…a burning desire to bring a vision/dream/or idea into your life – to bring the unseen into the SEEN reality.
and You are meant to answer the call. This yearning that you’re feeling and the call that you’re hearing cannot manifest in this realm without you taking action. That’s why YOU are hearing it and feeling it, and why YOU need to make yourself available for it.

This higher calling is the Impulse to want to evolve into a higher frequency… a higher, vibrational, more expansive paradigm.

This higher calling is what leads you to a life of deep purpose and freedom.

Let me quickly explain the difference between a higher calling and a higher purpose. Of course this is my interpretation based on my own experiences and intuitive downloads – so take what resonates. There are so many people awakening and realizing there is a lot more to life than what they have been conditioned and programmed to believe… and they are now trying to discover their higher purpose on Earth… and this can be an exhausting search because this actually isn’t something we should be out there seeking or searching for.

Yet… people are out there searching really hard for their purpose, putting themselves through so much pressure, hoping to finally find it one day. Yet, we can reactivate our higher purpose through following our higher calling, and your calling comes to you; a higher calling CALLS YOU. Its that daydream on repeat, the deep yearning, the burning desire, the inner voice telling you it’s time to leave the comfort bubble and take a leap into the unknown, it’s the universal signs/omens/messages/synchronicities that keep popping up in your life, its the cosmically inspired motivation to make big changes and evolve. And when you answer this higher calling and you take action… it leads you to your higher purpose.

And actually, I don’t really love the word “purpose”, I prefer to use the word mission or true north… because innately our purpose as humans it to be here on Earth in our human body, experiencing the entire spectrum of human emotions and the polarity and contrast of life. Our greatest purpose is to feel, give, and embody unconditional love, and to heal and evolve.

Yet, each of us is here on Earth with unique gifts, wisdom, and offerings for the world. We are each here to be of service in our own unique way. To be of higher service to the world. And we do this through following our higher calling, aligning + embodying with our true north (our mission).

And your true north isn’t some far away star in the cosmos that you have to search for — it lives within you. It’s not a job, and it’s not what you do in mainstream society to prove your worth. It is not a certain role you play. It’s an embodiment. It’s the unique vibration that your soul carries to everything that you do and every way that you are. It’s your aligned, authentic BE-ing. Your truth north lives within your heart, where it creates a magnetic pull, gravitating you towards your greatest dreams, passions, and desires. It does act like a compass when it’s activated, navigating you to all that is meant for you… to all that lights you up – aligning you with your higher potential.

And your true north — your mission — just needs to be remembered and reactivated. Often times, it has been suppressed through conditioning + programming + fears, and limiting beliefs.

And how do we reactivate our true north within ourselves?

By following our higher calling. By answering the CALL. Our higher calling leads us to our true north — to our mission.

Your higher calling is really a call to adventure → to answer the call to leave the realm you are anchored in – to leave the restrictive realm of limitations — to begin a mysterious soul journey. To journey into the unknown and conquer the unseen. To leave your comfort bubble and get uncomfortable… to bet on yourself. This is what Joseph Campbells’ teaches us in The Hero’s Journey… every single one of us at some point will hear the call to adventure and we are meant to answer it, in FAITH. We have to feel confident to move towards our higher calling with no guarantees, no roadmaps, and no directions — just full trust in the mystery of the journey. And through this journey… there are events, challenges, obstacles, and opportunities that we navigate and conquer that help us reactivate our true north and help us remember our mission.

Our higher calling is a call to adventure but also a call to remembrance.

And when we don’t answer our higher calling out of fear — such as fear of failure, fear of leaving the comfort bubble, fear of judgment or disapproval — it will just keep calling us throughout our life until we conquer our fear. And if you let your higher calling run through the old programming or self-doubt, you’ll likely tell yourself that it’s not realistic or it would be too reckless to follow it. Or, that you just aren’t capable. Then, you might simply ignore it and conform to everyone else’s standards. The over-conditioned ego will tell you all the reasons your higher calling is not logical, but you can transcend this by tuning into your heart.

You heart is the compass.

Only you can tune into your heart, answer the call, and lift the anchors. However, you can also receive support to help you move through your fears, blocks, programming, self-doubt, or disempowering stories around your potential. This is how I support you in my private mentorship program and my online academy launching this summer. I am honored to hold space for you and to help you life the anchors.

Let’s do a little reflection…

Tune into your heart and ask yourself… what is CALLING YOU? What are you yearning for? What do you truly desire? Truly? Not what have you been conditioned to believe you should want, or what others want for you, or what you are trying to convince yourself you want… what do you truly want? What would be your absolute dream come true?

Are you answering the call?

If not, why aren’t you? Why aren’t you pursuing it? What limiting beliefs and disempowering stories about yourself and the world are you holding onto that are holding you back from your higher calling?

Just remember… your higher calling is meant for you and it is calling you for a reason → its guiding you towards your evolution and higher self alignment. Your true north is just waiting to be reactivated and embodied within you, but you first have to be courageous and answer the call; the call to adventure; the call to remembrance. When you choose to answer this call, you begin your journey towards true, heart and soul-aligned freedom.

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